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Mablethorpe Primary Academy

Sports Premium

Subject Intent Statements:
Physical Education for our children

PE makes me healthy, happy and confident.

Physical Education

Our physical education curriculum inspires everyone to be healthy, active, to develop physical skills and engage competitively and fairly. Pupils will be given opportunities to gain knowledge and experience a range of sporting activities that support them to have a healthy lifestyle. As children progress through the curriculum, they will be able to compete and be successful in PE and sport; such life skills will embed values such as co-operation, fairness, motivation and respect.

Mablethorpe Primary Academy is committed to providing an opportunity for all pupils, of all abilities, to develop their skill, understanding and enjoyment in PE. Alongside staff, we also have sports coaches who teach a range of PE in our academy to help pupils gain more confidence, broaden their experiences of sport, and ensure children are engaged in regular physical activity.  Furthermore, coaches provide staff with professional development and training.  Alongside staff, coaches provide opportunities for all pupils to improve their access to sporting opportunities through a range of lunchtime and after school sports clubs and competitions.

PE and Sport Premium Funding at Mablethorpe Primary Academy.

For full details of our aims, spending and intended impact please see the "PE and Sport Premium" attachment below.

This funding was used to raise teaching and pupil attainment throughout the school, increase pupil participation in sports and to promote exercise as part of healthy lifestyle that goes beyond school.

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Pupil Voice Comments 2021/22:

What do you like about PE?

It gets my body ready and my heart pumping so I’m ready to go!  

I like exercising outside, getting fresh air!

I like the different sports that we do.

Dancing to music

Playing games in teams

It’s fun – I want to do it everyday!

I like jumping, throwing and catching

We learn how to be healthy and learn new skills

I learn about myself and try new skills

We get to learn how play different sports

It makes us happy!

It helps us to improve our teamwork through challenges in OAA

Helps us to improve skills

We work with other people which is fun and we learn so much!

I like it when we all work together

I look forward to this lesson two or three times every week

It’s fun!

Do you enjoy competition in PE?

Yes – we learn skills and have competition - how many catches in 30 seconds? We can then try to get a better score.

Yes, in our athletics competition in class, I was the star boy because I did well in the standing long jump!

We try to beat our own scores

Yes, we do competitions using different equipment

Yes, we find out who can get the highest score?

In our tennis competition, we completed 5 stations and competed against each other and other schools virtually.

Yes competition is fun, challenging and exciting.

I feel determined to try hard and improve my own performances

Everyone loves PE!

I look forward to my lessons twice a week!

I love the Daily Mile because it improves our health; we can have social time and it helps us to focus.

Do you know how to be successful in PE?

Talk to each other

Share ideas

Work together

Listen, concentrate and work hard

Play fairly and be responsible

Work with people that you haven’t worked with in class

Listen to the ideas of other children

Be positive and encourage each other

What do you enjoy about team work?

Share ideas

Work with a friend

Work with other children that I might not usually work with

I get to work with other children so I make new friends

It’s fun to work as a team

Talk with a friend to get a plan

Often we work in teams in PE

Team work helps us to interact with each

We can discuss and evaluate.

Team work makes the dream work!

Why is it important to learn about PE at school?

The teachers motivate us and say you can do it!

I look forward PE two times a week – on Monday and Tuesday

We learn how to play a certain sport

We know how to pass and catch in lots of different sports

To learn different skills and improve my own skills

It helps us to be strong, healthy and fit

We exercise which makes me feel happy,

It makes me feel energetic and also we do PE to have fun!

I like it because the teachers support us to improve and encourage to do well.

We learn how to work well with others and be a good team-mate

We encourage each to do well and try our best

New skills and tactics

Achieve your goal whether you are working on your own or as a team

To learn how to respect others, be a good sport and to play fairly.

Do you get your heart rate up or get out of breath in PE?

Yes, our heart rate goes up – I need a drink in PE!

I like dancing – my heart beats a lot faster in PE!

We get out of breath in PE and always have fun!

Warming up is important, then we’re ready to exercise

I feel exhausted and out of’s always fun! 

Every PE lesson!

Daily Mile improves our health - we can have social time and it helps us to focus.

Always in PE and in at after school club.