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Mablethorpe Primary Academy

Sports Premium

Our Vision for PE

Mablethorpe Primary Academy is committed to providing an opportunity for all pupils, of all abilities, to develop their skill, understanding and enjoyment in PE. Alongside staff, we also have sports coaches who teach a range of PE in our academy to help pupils gain more confidence, broaden their experiences of sport, and ensure children are engaged in regular physical activity.  Furthermore, coaches provide staff with professional development and training.  Alongside staff, coaches provide opportunities for pupils in KS1 and KS2 to improve their access to sporting opportunities through a range of lunchtime and after school sports clubs and competitions.

Pupil Voice Responses

What do responses from our Pupil Voice tell us?

'What do you most like about P.E.?'

 ‘What do you learn from PE?’

‘What opportunities do you get in P.E.?’

Here are a range of their responses:

“I like the PE teachers and the fun activities they give us!”

“PE staff are kind and helpful”

“I like the Daily Mile and 5-a-day”

“PE makes me confident”

“I like PE because it’s fun and we get to try different sports”

“PE helps me to get fit!”

“I like PE because we get to work together”

“I like the different Sports Clubs”

“I like the opportunities to go to tournaments”

“We always get to try different sports, in PE, and learn new skills”

“I like the PE teachers and the fun activities they give us”.

“I like how every week, we try new things!”

“Being in groups and playing team sport”


PE and Sport Premium Funding at Mablethorpe Primary Academy.

For full details of our 2017-2018 aims, spending and impact please see the "PE and Sport Premium 2017-2018" attachment below.

This funding was used to raise teaching and pupil attainment throughout the school, increase pupil participation in sports and to promote exercise as part of healthy life style that goes beyond school.

For full details of our 2018-2019 aims, spending and intended impact please see the "PE and Sport Premium 2018-2019" attachment below. This year, our Total fund allocation is £18,490.

After School Clubs - Terms 1 and 2

KS1 Yoga

KS2 Rugby

KS1 Multi skills

KS2 Netball

KS2 Cheerleading

In Terms 1 and 2, in KS1, 40 children accessed a Sports Club and in KS2, 64 children took part. 

After School Clubs - Terms 3 and 4

KS2 Multi skills

KS2 Football

KS2 Cheerleading

In Terms 3 and 4, in KS2, 81 children took part. 

After School Clubs - Terms 5 and 6

Reception Tennis

KS2 Indoor Athletics

Y3/4 Athletics

KS1 Athletics

KS2 Cheerleading

KS2 Netball


Friday 1st February           Y2 Dance Festival SKA  ( 32 children)

15th February                    Rugby Tournament for Years 5 and 6  ( 16 children )

5th March Football            Tournament for Years 5 and 6 ( 16 children )

26th March                         Volleyball Competition  - Years 3 and 4 ( 16 children )

21st May                             Basketball  Competition - Years 3 and 4 children    

21st June                             Leicester Athletics - Years 5 and 6 (21 children)

2nd July                                Athletics - Year 2 (20 children)

3rd July                                Football - Year 5 (16 children)



Friday 7th Dec            Y5 Young Leaders Training

Monday 1st April        Whole School Training  - Ensuring Children are Physically Active

Friday 28th June         Wellbeing, Physical Activity and Relaxation

Friday 19th July         Super Me.  Wellbeing, Physical Activity and Relaxation

See the GAT package of support here

Outcomes of Pupil Voice surveys

86% of pupils expressed that in PE staff were always friendly and helpful.

91% of pupils know that sports clubs are always available and that they have an opportunity to take part.

97% of pupils enjoy PE and think lessons are fun and interesting.