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Mablethorpe Primary Academy

Sports Premium

Subject Intent Statements:
Physical Education for our children

PE makes me healthy, happy and confident.

Physical Education

Our physical education curriculum inspires everyone to be healthy, active, to develop physical skills and engage competitively and fairly. Pupils will be given opportunities to gain knowledge and experience a range of sporting activities that support them to have a healthy lifestyle. As children progress through the curriculum, they will be able to compete and be successful in PE and sport; such life skills will embed values such as co-operation, fairness, motivation and respect.

Mablethorpe Primary Academy is committed to providing an opportunity for all pupils, of all abilities, to develop their skill, understanding and enjoyment in PE. Alongside staff, we also have sports coaches who teach a range of PE in our academy to help pupils gain more confidence, broaden their experiences of sport, and ensure children are engaged in regular physical activity.  Furthermore, coaches provide staff with professional development and training.  Alongside staff, coaches provide opportunities for all pupils to improve their access to sporting opportunities through a range of lunchtime and after school sports clubs and competitions.

PE and Sport Premium Funding at Mablethorpe Primary Academy.

For full details of our aims, spending and intended impact please see the "PE and Sport Premium" attachment below.

This funding was used to raise teaching and pupil attainment throughout the school, increase pupil participation in sports and to promote exercise as part of healthy lifestyle that goes beyond school.

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