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Mablethorpe Primary Academy

Physical Education

Subject Intent Statements:
Physical Education

Our physical education curriculum inspires everyone to be healthy, active, to develop physical skills and engage competitively and fairly. Pupils will be given opportunities to gain knowledge and experience a range of sporting activities that support them to have a healthy lifestyle. As children progress through the curriculum, they will be able to compete and be successful in PE and sport; such life skills will embed values such as co-operation, fairness, motivation and respect.

Physical Education for our children

PE makes me healthy, happy and confident.



Training Days: 

Monday 11th October:Young Leaders & Active Playground


After School Sports Clubs: 3.15-4.15   Term 1 (starting week beginning 6th September)

Wednesday         JB Sports       Games  Y2  Jellyfish class

Thursday             JB Sports       Games   Y4 children from Seals, Pelicans and Puffins.

Friday:                                       Dance   Y5/6 children from Turtles, Dolphins and Whales

Lunchtime Clubs (Term 1)

Wednesday         JB Sports       Dodgeball for Y5/6 (Whales and Turtles)

Thursday            JB Sports        Dodgeball for Y3    


After School Sports Clubs: 3.15-4.15   Term 2 (starting  week beginning November 1st)

Wednesday         JB Sports       Games for Y5 and Y6 (Whales, Turtles and Seals)

Thursday             JB Sports       Games    Y1/2            (Clownfish and Angelfish)

Friday:                                        Dance     Y2                (Jellyfish) 

Lunchtime Clubs (Term 2)

Wednesday         JB Sports      Y4 Dodgeball

Thursday            JB Sports       Y3 Dodgeball

The Y5 Young Leaders will run games on the KS2 playground, each week Monday - Friday

The Y5 Young Leaders will run games on the KS1 playground Monday -Thursday each week.