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Mablethorpe Primary Academy

Cultural Capital

The Cultural Rucksack Initiative


The Cultural Rucksack initiative is about reconnecting children to the academy's environment, routines of the day, the curriculum and more importantly, with each other.

The lockdowns due to Covid 19 have isolated our children and has had an effect upon their confidence, health and  resilience. The Cultural Rucksack initiative is to provide a range of experiences which enhance and enrich our curriculum so that the children not only learn, but make memories during their time at Mablethorpe Primary Academy.

Each child will receive a logbook in which to record photographic evidence and notes of their learning experiences and they will take this with them as they move through each year group. When a child leaves in Year 6, they will be able to take the logbook home and be able to reflect upon their time and their learning experiences. These learning experiences are designed to equip your child with the experiences they will need to move onto their next phase of learning at secondary school and will also equip them with knowledge so that they can make links across the curriculum.

The Cultural Rucksack initiative will not only enable your child to make memories about their time with us, it will enable your child to carry these memories with them so that they will also be to engage within the rapidly changing  21st Century world in which we live.