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Mablethorpe Primary Academy


Tide and Time Bell Arrives at Mablethorpe Primary Academy

A big bronze bell has been lent to the Mablethorpe Primary Academy.
It will be part of a sculpture, donated by the artist Marcus Vergette, to be installed on the beach at North End, where the waves at high tide will ring the bell.
For hundreds of years, bells have been rung to mark the time, to bring people together in celebration or to give warnings. Our Time and Tide Bell marks the rise and fall of the tides but also sounds a warning of rising sea levels in the future, of global warming and threats to our environment and the seas.
The Time and Tide Bell is the start of an art project for all of us. We want everyone to join in, making art that is inspired by the sea, the creatures under the waves, the people who sail on it and the coastal landscape.
For more information click here :Time and Tide Bell